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  • Cincinnati, Ohio

How It Works

Each day, Monday through Friday, we feature 1 merchant.  For 24 hours the deal is on for that day's savings.  But you have to be fast-we are only able to provide a limited number of deal vouchers each.

Q. I want to use it tonight, how can I do that?
A. Your vouchers are print-on-demand.  Buy it today, use it anytime you like.

Q. How long will it take to get the vouchers?
A. Instantly have your vouchers once you print them on your own printer.

Q. How much is shipping and handling per voucher?
A. $0.  Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Now you save even more!

Q. I ordered my voucher and I am having problems printing it. What do I do?
A. Call NeoFill Fulfillment Center at 866.311.9806 to inquire.

Q. I received multiple e-mail confirmations and confirmation numbers. What does that mean?
A. For each order, you will receive a confirmation number.

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